Saturday, December 26, 2009

1. Still a Few Bugs in the System (June, 1972)

This collection reprints 122 daily strips from Oct 26 1970 to June 4 1971
66 strips from the period are not included (see comment for list)

Interestingly, the strips in this book are not in their original publication order, but are presented almost at random. It contains 122 strips, and not the 124 typically seen in the books of the period, as two pages are given over to an introduction by Art Buchwald.

The cover of the first edition was in black & white, and colored for subsequent reprints. Zonker’s helmet and smoke trail appear on the cover, although the character did not appear until a little later on, making his first appearance in the second book.

The number of strips omitted – 66 – seems to be the most cut from any period I have seen thus far. There are 69 omitted from "Speaking of Inalienable Rights, Amy...", but most of those were collected in Doonesbury's Greatest Hits. Apart from several short strips, entire storylines are missing from this book. Among those not collected include Mike and B.D.’s skiing trip to Vail and the introduction of Didi.

This book was later repackaged as two titles under HRW’s Popular Library imprint, “Even Revolutionairies Like Chocolate Chip Cookies” and “Just a French Major from the Bronx.” These books are reformatted to only contain two panels per page.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

0. The Original Yale Cartoons (1973)

From Doonesbury

This collection, from Universal Press’s Sheed & Ward Alligator imprint, reprints 96 “Bull Tales” strips. I do not believe that’s the full run of them, but I’ve yet to see any sort of archive which collates all that information.

Previously, there were two small editions published by the Yale Record entitled Bull Tales and Michael J., each with 48 pages. It’s possible that The Original Yale Cartoons is an omnibus of these, but I do not own them and cannot confirm this.

One interesting point about Bull Tales is that Mike and Mark are typically matching wits with Mike’s roommate, Cathy Dilworthy, who was dropped when Bull Tales was reformatted as Doonesbury. B.D. is in a separate storyline entirely and, at least in the 96 strips reprinted here, is never shown to meet or interact with Mike and Mark.