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14. “Any Grooming Hints for Your Fans, Rollie?” (1978)

This collection reprints 124 daily strips from:
July 4 1977 to October 15 1977
October 24 1977 to January 7 1978
*October 17-22 was a repeat week.
32 strips from the period are not included (see comment for list.)

If you want to read a Doonesbry book that really defines the 1970s, this is the one. Joanie starts the book working hard for the Congressional Ethics Committee, and is later called on to sub for Lacey in a debate against Phyllis Schafly about the ERA. Mark interviews an expert on the new craze of jogging, Zonker explains the Panama Canal Treaty to the football team, and the wannabe serial killer “Son of Arnold and Mary Lieberman” pesters Jimmy Breslin for tabloid media coverage.

Just to keep things very topical, Jimmy Thudpucker cuts some new songs and frets about his forthcoming appearance on the syndicated music series The Midnight Special. His nervousness about appearing on TV for the first time came the same week that the animated A Doonesbury Special aired on NBC. More about this in entry 14B.

As for the regulars, Uncle Duke has a scheme to extract laetrile, a substance used in shady cancer “treatments” of the period, from apricots and buys a farm, only to find himself on the receiving end of a land fraud scheme. He lands on his feet and starts working the college lecture circuit. Mike and Zonker move back into their old dorm, McClatchey, roomsitting for their friend Richard Hendrie. It’s there that they again cross paths with Roland Hedley Jr., who’s now a correspondant for ABC Wide World of News, and Zonk once again completely flummoxes him about barbituate use on campus.

This time out, the book’s editors saw that it was mainly the political stuff that failed to make the cut, and not stories with the regular cast. Some storylines are chopped entirely, but these are all Carter White House weeks starring Duane Delacourt.

One final note on this period: Duke’s caretaker, Zeke, was introduced in a Sunday strip, July 24th. Zeke appeared in two further Sundays in 1977, but didn’t make his way to the dailies until 1979.

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Grant, the Hipster Dad said...

The following strips were omitted from this book:
Fri. July 29 1977
Fri. Aug 5 1977
Mon. Aug 8 1977
Tue. Aug 9 1977
Wed. Aug 10 1977
Thu. Aug 11 1977
Fri. Aug 12 1977
Sat. Aug 13 1977
Thu. Aug 25 1977
Fri. Aug 26 1977
Sat. Aug 27 1977
Tue. Sep 6 1977
Mon. Sep 12 1977
Tue. Sep 13 1977
Wed. Sep 14 1977
Thu. Sep 15 1977
Fri. Sep 16 1977
Sat. Sep 17 1977
Mon. Sep 19 1977
Tue. Sep 20 1977
Wed. Sep 21 1977
Thu. Sep 22 1977
Fri. Sep 23 1977
Sat. Sep 24 1977
Fri. Oct 7 1977
Sat. Oct 8 1977
Sat. Oct 15 1977
Sat. Oct 29 1977
Fri. Nov 11 1977
Mon. Nov 28 1977
Fri. Dec 9 1977
Tue. Dec 20 1977